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There was a time when root canal therapy (treatment) was the most feared factor in a dental clinic. However, at Lotus Dental Center and by the use of the latest technology in root canal therapy we make this treatment as short as possible. One or two visits maximum is our norm, in a reassuring atmosphere together with minimum discomfort. Endodontics includes:


Root canal therapy, with the aid of modern treatment technology 80-90% of diseased teeth can be preserved by root canal treatment. Here the infected tissue in the tooth root is removed. An important aid in endodontics is the magnification, with which even smaller canals can be found or perforations in the canal covered with special materials.

Re-treatment/re-root canal therapy, Re-RCT of teeth is also a challenging task in other clinics. ​However, we depend on our skills, long experience, and the most advanced technology to make your treatment as simple as possible. After Root canal therapy, it is necessary to re enforce the teeth with appropriate restorations as required for its normal functioning.


Root tip resection/apicoectomy, in contrast to extraction or root removal, in a root tip resection/apicoectomy/root tip amputation only the tip of the root is removed. This treatment is necessary if;


  • There are complications along the root canal despite correct treatment.

  • If simply healing does not occur.

  • Whilst in conventional root treatment access to the root canal system is gained through the crown of the tooth, the access for a root tip resection/apisectomy is through the jawbone. It aids in removal of the root tip within the bone and also the inflamed tissue around the tip.


Cyst Removal, Cysts often develop as the result of inflammation, but tooth developmental disorders can also lead to cysts. The most frequent cyst is the so-called dental root cyst, dento-alveolar cysts, grow slowly and frequently cause no discomfort for a long time. It is only when they reach a certain size or the cyst becomes inflamed that pain or swelling arises.


If discovered during examination or on the X-rays, it will be removed by a special surgical procedure known as cystectomy.