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Smile Design

A beautiful, healthy smile makes a tremendous first impression.


At Lotus Dental Center, with the help of our cosmetic specialist you can choose one of our options to design your smile and have the smile you always dreamed of.


Creating the perfect smile is a challenging procedure that requires a special treatment planning. Lotus team is trained to provide our patients with the best quality standards.


Esthetics is subjective and depends upon the patients' and the clinicians' perception. Effective communication to discuss treatment alternatives with the patient during the consultation process provides the patient with the perfect smile design. Lotus team has good communication skills in multilingual environment and is willing to take into account patients' opinion.


To design your perfect smile we will go through some steps:

1 | Clinical Photography


First, we take a photograph of your existing teeth and carefully listen to what you are unhappy with and how you would like your smile to change. Then, using our clinical expertise and the latest imaging equipment, we can reach together to the final look of your dream smile.


2 | Radiographs


The purpose of the radiograph is to evaluate for apical pathology, which may have never resulted in any pain, swelling, mobility, or other clinical symptoms or signs other than discoloration.


3 | Smile Model


A smile model will be made to give you a 3-dimensional simulation of your new smile. You can study this from all angles to ensure that every detail is correct. And if you are totally satisfied about your new smile we can proceed to the next stage.


4 | Smile Prototypes


These are an exact replica of your smile model but in a temporary form and allow you to test your smile, and ask the opinions of your friends and family about your new smile.


5 | Your Perfect Smile


Finally, your perfect smile is ready for you; the final porcelain restorations will be more life-like than the prototypes as they are made from the latest high-quality porcelain. Now you can go and show off your new perfect smile.

Photo Insights
Smile Design 1 - clinical photography.jpg
Smile design 2 - radiograph.jpg
smile design 3 - model.png
smile design 4- prototype.jpg
smile design 5 - Your perfect smile2.JPG
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