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Lotus Dental Center is a multi-specialty dental clinic. All our specialist dentists hold post graduate professional qualifications and are accredited by the Department of Healthcare Practitioners (DHP) – Ministry of Public Health (Qatar) as dental specialists in their various specialties. Lotus Dental Center brings together a team of dental specialists from all around the globe, with decades of collective clinical expertise, to provide quality specialized dental care. Our dental specialists are well known local and international speakers in their respective dental fields. With their collective experience and expertise and the use of the latest dental technologies, we are able to provide the best-specialized dental care available.


Our team comprises of our front desk, dental surgery assistants, dental surgeons and specialists who work together to provide you with an excellent level of care. We warmly welcome people from all over the globe and will not spare any effort to make continuing dental care seamless and hassle-free. Being a fully IT-integrated set-up, your dental records and radiographs can be imported at just a click of a button from your referring dentist. We also place strong emphasis on sanitation and hygiene and the prevention of cross-infection and implement stringent infection control measures.